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Fits EFI models 2009+
4 Peak Hp & up to 8+ Hp in the over-rev. (With tuning)
5 Peak Hp & up to 10+ in the over-rev. (With Intake Setup)
Substantial weight loss over stock system
103 dB without the quiet core
Increased throttle response
Power carries much higher into RPM's
Available in brushed aluminum or black powder coat
Billet clamps offered in black, blue, or red
See install video and review from Dirt Trax below!
Optional Add Ons: Complete Repack Kit; Quiet Core; Spark Arrestor; Ceramic Coating; EHS Racing EFI Fuel Controller; Power Commander V DynoJet Fuel Controller; Fuel Customs Intake System
Also available as Big 3 Package: Yamaha YFZ450R EFI Single Exhaust Big 3 Package with PC5 and Fuel Customs Intake

Do you have a 2012 or newer Carbureted YFZ 450? Yamaha did release a Carbureted version after the EFI's came out in 2009, our Carb Model YFZ450 will fit these rarer newer Carb versions.

So in 2018 we took another look at our YFZ450R Single and wanted to refine our Fuel Maps and also to get a fresh look at the gains on a brand new bone stock 2018 YFZ450R. The machine was a beautiful Gun-Metal Grey and Black with Green Accent Graphics that our good friend Jim Hardy loaned to us literally after he had two rides on it. We had to grab it early as we knew he'd have the head off of it and would be completely building it into a race machine in no time!

With a Power Commander, EHS Intake, FCI Intake, and a few Quiet Core Options in hand we hit the Dyno with Alex Galeczka and started our pulls. On the LaBaron's Powersports Dyno, the stock run came in at 37.30 peak horsepower. One thing we'd like to note here is that so many people get caught up in the exact peak number. You really shouldn't just focus on a peak number as all Dyno's can read a bit different and there are tons of variables also that can affect it. The focus should be on the gains between runs and also the entire curve to see where else the gains are in the RPM range other than just at that one peak spot. Although we are very happy with the peak numbers we recommend you look deeper into the gains throughout that curve whenever assessing performance gains on any performance modification.

So with a few consistent clean baseline runs we set our stock baseline and started making changes. The first change we made was to pull the spark arrestor out of the stock muffler to see what gains are there just by uncorking the stock exhaust. We found that the Air/Fuel Ratio from stock wasn't greatly affected and there were some pretty healthy HP gains. Gains were about 1hp peak but a good 2-4 in the over-rev allowing the power to carry further.

Next was to install our pipe. The Barker's Pipe with no mapping resulted in about a 2hp peak gain but even greater over-rev gains. Clearly outperforming the uncorked stock pipe we found a few more horsepower but needed some tuning now. After Alex worked his magic building the custom map it truly showed the importance of proper tuning. The power comes on much sooner now and showing a steady 2-4hp gain throughout the bottom and mid range. The top end now carrying the peak horsepower to almost 1,000rpm's higher than stock growing to a good 6-8hp gain in the high rev's.

Dyno Chart: Stock vs. Uncorked vs. Barker's Single Tuned

Stock vs Uncorked vs Barker's Single Tuned for YFZ450 Dyno Chart

Adding our 1" quiet core we found that stock mapping worked very well and we only lost about 1 to 2 horsepower. Still way outperforming an uncorked stock system and killing a bone stock muffler. So technically putting the Barker's pipe on and running a 1" quiet core is very safe and would require no mapping while still achieving large gains!

Next step is intake and as we've always said, increasing exhaust flow coming out of your motor you need to increase the airflow coming in to fully optimize your gains. Note: Changing your intake configuration can have a huge effect on your Air Fuel Ratio and cause your machine to run dangerously lean, we do not recommend it without a fuel controller and proper tuning!

We tested both the EHS Flow Through Intake Lid and the Fuel Customs Full Box Version Intake. As we suspected opening up the Airbox with both of these intakes made substantial further gains. The EHS Intake Lid made a beautiful power curve gaining another 1-2 Hp throughout the entire curve. The peak horsepower is farther yet up in the RPM range peaking out at around 9,500rpms with stock peaking at about 8,200rpms. At the new peak of 9,500 your looking at 9 horsepower over stock and 6 horsepower over an uncorked setup. You'll be able to carry power much farther allowing you to not have to shift quite as soon.

Dyno Chart: Stock vs. Barker's Pipe with EHS Lid & Tuning

Barker's Exhaust, Power Commander V Fuel Controller Mapped, EHS Intake vs Stock Dyno for YFZ450R

The Fuel Customs Intake was very similar to what we found in the EHS Intake but did gain a bit more right in the sweet spot of 6-8,000rpms. Although the EHS Lid had a smoother map, a little more bottom, and a tiny bit more up top they are very close. For a true racer looking for every bit the FCI is probably the route for you. We also suspect that with further modification the FCI will gain even more. With stock at 37.3 and this setup peaking at 42.5hp your looking at a solid 5hp gain on a full race ready motor from the factory.

Dyno Chart: Stock vs. Barker's Pipe with FCI Intake & Tuning

Barker's Exhaust, Power Commander V DynoJet Fuel Controller Mapped, Fuel Customs Intake vs Stock Dyno

So when you purchase your Barker's Exhaust Full Single for your YFZ450R we have Power Commander V Maps for about any configuration your running and also offer the EHS Fuel Controller if you prefer to be able to make changes on the fly using the buttons on the unit.

Dyno Chart: Barker's Pipe Stock Intake vs. FCI Intake vs. EHS Intake all properly tuned

Barker's Exhaust with Stock Intake vs FCI vs EHS Intake Dyno Chart

Released in 2009 as a fuel injected model, the Yamaha YFZ450R did not fall short of its predecessors. With better handling and increased throttle response over the earlier models, it quickly became a popular machine, especially at the track. With so many championships on its resume, it’s easy to see why so many serious racers choose to ride the Yamaha YFZ450R. The Yamaha YFZ450R is now the only production full Race Sport Quad model in production.

We designed our Full Single Exhaust System with racers in mind and created a system that takes your riding experience to the next level. Installing a Barkers Full Single Exhaust System on your Yamaha YFZ450R will give you harder pull out of turns and greater control on jumps. With increased performance over the entire power-curve and greater horsepower production over the stock system, your YFZ450R will gain that needed edge to take down the competition. Designed to bolt in easily, installing the Full Single Exhaust System is the easiest way to increase peak horsepower without performing major engine modifications. Along with additional horsepower and increased performance, your YFZ450R will have that deep Barker's growl.

For even greater performance, we highly recommend purchasing a fuel controller for your new system. A fuel controller will provide that added fuel flow needed for the exhaust system to perform its best. We offer two fuel controllers that are pre-mapped for our system, the EHS Racing EFI Fuel Controller, and the Power Commander V DynoJet Fuel Controller.

Another way to increase overall performance for the YFZ450R is by installing a new intake system. We recommend either the EHS Intake Lid or the Fuel Customs Intake System for the Yamaha YFZ450R, not only because big names like Chad Wienen, 5 time ATV MX National Champion, uses it on his race machine, but because it really does an excellent job in opening up the airflow for our system.

Each and every exhaust system that Barker's produces is made from premium materials and hand-welded right here in the USA. While most after-market exhaust systems are mass produced on automated assembly lines, Barker's exhaust systems are skillfully hand-welded one at a time. The end result is an exhaust system that provides a difference you can feel!

The head pipe portion of the Full Single Exhaust System is made of 304 stainless steel that is Tig-welded with seam-reduced interior surfaces for smooth flow. The can is comprised of 6061-grade aircraft aluminum and comes standard in a brushed aluminum finish.You may choose to have your can powder coated black. Further customize your new system by selecting which color Barker's tag and billet clamps you would like. Tag color options include black, blue, red and yellow. Billet clamps will harness your new system to your machine and come in black, blue or red.

Other options you might consider for the Full Single Exhaust System include a Barker's Quiet Core Insert and Barker's Spark Arrestor. A Barker's Quiet Core Insert will reduce sound by up to 5 dB and is perfect for riding in those sound sensitive areas. A Barker's Spark Arrestor will eliminate any flammable materials from escaping the exhaust and will help to keep our trails safe.

At Barkers, we have an extreme amount of dedication and respect for the off-road lifestyle. And we understand that owning and maintaining a performance vehicle is no joke. That is why you can expect only the best in Barker's craftsmanship and design. All Barker’s exhaust systems carry a limited one-year warranty against defects in workmanship and/or materials. See Barker's Terms & Conditions.

We recommend that you monitor and check the packing in your muffler after every ride. The length and time your packing will last will vary depending on how and where you ride. When you first notice any sign of the packing depleting within the can, it's time for a repack. Packing will wear out slowly over time, starting at 100% packed. It is normal for an absorption style high-performance muffler to lose packing but once you lose more than about 10-15% of your packing it will deplete faster and faster since it can now move around in the can. It is imperative you do not allow the packing to deplete too far. If your muffler becomes very loud or you hear rattling around inside the can you have completely depleted the internal packing and should not ride the machine until the muffler is repacked with a fresh pillow. Order new packing before you need it!

The Barker's Exhaust Complete Repack Kit is designed to make repacking your Barker's Exhaust Can simple.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 8 in
Exhaust Can Finish

Brushed Finish, Black Powder Coat

Exhaust Tag Color

Black Tag, Blue Tag, Red Tag, Yellow Tag

Exhaust Clamp

Black Billet Clamp, Blue Billet Clamp, Red Billet Clamp