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Dynatek Fusion EFI for Yamaha Raptor 700 06-14

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Dynatek Fusion EFI with Fuel and Ignition Control*

Greater Control over Fuel Delivery and Spark Advance Adjustments

For select single and twin cylinder engines, fuel delivery and spark advance adjustments can now be made with the NEW Dynatek Fusion EFI with Fuel AND Ignition control*. Experience the best of both worlds! Another feature of the Fusion EFI with Fuel and Ignition is the ability to use any TWO of these functions at the same time: Map Switch,Pit Lane Speed Limiter, and Launch Control.

  • Allows +/-20 degrees of timing adjustment
  • Adjust timing per cylinder
  • Adjust timing per gear
  • Raise your Rev Limit (only available on select models)
  • Adjust timing based on temperature or boost inputs)
  • Built In Launch Limiter
  • Gear Position Timing
  • Boost/Nitrous Retard Timing
  • Pit Lane Limiter