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ROK STRAPS Fixed Length Heavy Duty Tie-Downs 60″ Long x 1 inch

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ROK Straps rubber has a polyester coating that provides UV protection, plus UV protected thread.
These features make ROK Straps the longest lasting and toughest bungees you can buy.

ROK Straps are available in a variety of fixed lengths from 12 inches to 5 feet, and widths of 5/8, 3/4 & 1″.   ROK Straps stretch approximately 30%.
The wider the Strap, the stronger it is.  5/8 inch have a breaking strain of 125 pounds, 3/4 is 165 and the one inch are rated at 200 pounds.

ROK Straps are also available as adjustable straps.  These Straps feature a ROK rubber section and a webbing section, connected with an ITW marine grade side buckle.
They are available with two hook styles and loop ends.  All hooks are heat hardened and rubber coated.  We have adjustable ROK Straps in 5/8 inch and one inch widths.

ROK Straps were originally designed by Gary McCay, in Brisbane Australia.  In 1998, he was a civil engineer taking a night school marketing class.  The students were assigned to create a new product.
The local newspaper featured a story about a teen that was working at a local super market who died because a bungee strap he was using to secure grocery carts broke.
The bungee was rotted from the sun, so when he stretched it, the rubber snapped and the hook went into neck.

In response to this story, McCay developed a bungee strap with webbing loops on both ends.  The adjustable bungee won awards, and Gary eventually became the president of the local inventors club.
Today, we call his first effort the Cruiser Strap.  Cruisers are used by motorcyclists around the world to secure loads on the handlebars and rails of their bikes.
Once tightened, the adjustable strap will never loosen up, and the webbing loops won’t scratch the paint or chrome.
ROK Straps are made with the finest quality materials, so they work under the harshest conditions.  We have outfitted expeditions to the Arctic Circle and steamy South American jungles.

PU-Products is the only full line ROK Distributor in the USA.  We carry all of their Fixed and Adjustable Straps, ROK Dog Leashes, ROK Tactical Rifle Slings and rolls of ROK Rubber.

ROK Straps Rubber is also available for OEM manufacturers.  Several well known tactical companies use ROK Rubber in their rifle slings.  A former Corpsman developed a tourniquet that uses ROK Rubber.
It is being used world wide by EMS, police and military.  Unlike most medical consumables, the RATs Tourniquet, does not have to be replaced every few years.